DFS Replication Design !
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Fazal M Khan
2010-02-15 15:25:01 UTC
I have 2 Active Directory Sites.(Site A and Site B)
On Site A There is a DC and on Site B there is another DC.
There are File Shares \\dc1\s1 and \\dc2\s2
I created a DFS name Space on Site 1 and I added these above shares in the
namespace and mapped the network Drive to my users.
I have 2 users u1 in site 1 and u2 in site2
now when u2 opens the mapped drive and click on the share which is in
\\dc1\s1 than he had to use the wan link and go on site1 in order to access
So i Created a DFS Replication group on Server2 in site2
now Again when
u2 opens the mapped drive and click on share which is shown in the dfs tree
and is pointing to \\dc1\s1 than WHY IS IT USING THE WAN LINK IN ORDER TO
RECEIVE THAT FILE ? any ideas what configuration i need to do now in order
that the clients request can be served locally?
Falcon ITS
2010-02-18 19:15:01 UTC

I am guessing you are referring to DFS-NTFRS. Is that right?

It seems like the share is going exactly where you are asking it to go. If
you map to \\dc1\s1 then that's where the mapped drive will get it's data

If you want DFS to redirect the shares based on cost, then map the network
drive using the FQDN/DFSShare


The the DFS system will decide based on cost where the data will be pulled

Alternatively, from sie 1, map your network to


and from site 2 map your network to


This way, the users will ALWAYS access their local share. If NTFRS is
configured properly, the data will replicate across the two shares

Miguel Fra / Falcon ITS
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