DFSDiag Error
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Tom Mason
2009-08-11 02:09:43 UTC
I'm getting the following error message

Warning: Unable to verify the registry of the following namespace server:

when I run this command

dfsdiag /testdfsintegrity /dfsroot:\\domain\namespace /full.

It looks like DFSDiag is inspecting the registry of the namespace servers. I'm not sure what the error message means. Is it saying the server registry is corrupt or missing?
Tom Mason
Pavlos Gerardos
2009-08-14 16:57:03 UTC
I guess you have to replace '\\domain\namespace' with the name of your
own namespace, e.g. for a stand-alone dfs namespace named 'dfsroot' on
server 'srv01' you should give

'dfsdiag /testdfsintegrity /dfsroot:\\srv01\dfsroot /full.'

I hope that helps...


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