2008 R2 to 2003 R2 replication health report
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2009-11-08 01:22:01 UTC

I recently added a 2008 R2 server to our system. We were replicating
between 2 sites with FRS and I migrated to DFS (Domain). This is a single
domain/forest AD in mixed mode. We are in the process of migrating from SBS
2003 R2. I am replicating (successfully) between the 2008 R2 (LA-Server) and
2003 R2 (SofiaServer) servers.

All software firewalls are turned off. There is no port blocking. The
networks are connected via a hardware firewall's VPN. I am running the
report from the a Domain Administrator account.

DCDIAG looks perfect on both ends. netdom query fsmo looks right also.

I'm still working through the technote listed, but so far, no problems.


The Health Reports do not work. Each server can see it's own data but can't
see the others.

The error is when runnig the report on 2008 R2 is (IP addresses and domain
names change to protect the innocent):

DNS name: sofiaserver.mydomain.local
Domain name: mydomain.local
Reference domain controller: --
IP address:
Site: SofiaSite
Time zone: --
ERRORS (There is 1 error to report)

Cannot connect to reporting DCOM server.
Description: Access is denied.
Last occurred: Saturday, November 07, 2009 at 11:42:36 AM (GMT-8:00)
Suggested action: Verify that the DFS Replication Service is installed on
the server and that RPC traffic is not blocked by firewalls or port
filtering. For information about troubleshooting RPC issues see RPC KB

Jonathan D. Brown
Net Data Systems, Inc.
2009-11-09 00:14:01 UTC
Actually I have an error running reports on SofiaServer:

Cannot access DFS Replication performance counters.
Affected replicated folders: All replicated folders on this server.
Description: The DFS Replication service is unable to access the
performance counter DFS Replicated
Folders(USERDATA-{4F427033-39EE-4639-BCB6-6830B7A4E77A})\File Installs
Succeeded on SOFIASERVER. Performance data is unavailable. Error ID:
Last occurred: 09 Ноември 2009 г. at 02:04:52 (GMT2:00)
Suggested action: For information about troubleshooting this problem, see

Jonathan D. Brown
Net Data Systems, Inc.
Post by JDB
The Health Reports do not work. Each server can see it's own data but can't
see the others.
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